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Emirates Glass and SCHOTT provide certified EN and UL multifunctional, laminated, and insulation fire resistant glass types with up to 120 minutes of barrier time.


Emirates Glass has partnered with the international technology group SCHOTT to provide architects in the Middle East and beyond with high-performance glazing that combines fire-resistance and design freedom in a unique way. With rich color nuances and an abundance of patterns, the new offering opens attractive possibilities for fire-resistant glazing of facades, partition walls, skylights, roof lights, doors and windows that meet international safety requirements.

Established in January 2023, the Fire And Safety Glass division at Emirates Glass has been founded with the aim to facilitate high-quality fire rated and acoustic glass products to the timber and steel manufacturers in short lead times. Different to standard safety glass, although offering some of the same high strength properties, fire resistant glazing has been rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand the temperatures reached during a fire and offer effective protection for a stated period.

We bring steel, aluminum, timber and glass into creative harmony in an architectural context, aesthetically exceptional and functionally convincing Fire-Rated Glass that is processed locally and delivered at your convenience.

PYRAN®S E -120

This monolithic (2.1M X 3.2M), thermally tempered borosilicate glass offers exceptional quality of fire-resistant glazing and highly appealing versatility. PYRAN®S soaks up much larger amounts of heat before deforming and allows it to achieve far high integrity ratings than conventional soda-lime products; it can even be used as a butt jointed system to achieve 60 minutes integrity. The range offers excellent resistance against heat to 450ºC, making it an excellent product to use in heat deflection for fire pits, as well as for use where high temperatures, anything up to 350 degrees Centigrade, are prevalent.

Product Name

Design Thickness (mm)


Impact Rating to EN12600

Acoustic Rating dBRw





31 dB Rw





32 dB Rw

PYRAN®S (10)




33 dB Rw

PYRAN®S (12)




34 dB Rw


PYRAN® Platinum Fire-Rated Glass-Ceramics E-180

PYRAN® Platinum is unique in the fire-rated glass industry. With dimensions of 1.1M X 1.954M it’s the world’s largest standard sheet size of UL-tested glass-ceramic, which opens up new opportunities for architects looking to create more inspirational building designs. Along with its impressive size and properties, PYRAN® Platinum strictly adheres to all safety standards. PYRAN® Platinum offers a compelling combination of high resistance to heat and thermal shock, alongside a clear, colorless appearance and smooth surface. Offering fire protection for up to 90 minutes in windows and 180 minutes in doors, the glass-ceramic also remains clear under intense thermal loads, giving a building’s occupants essential vision and time to exit a building in an emergency.

PYRANOVA® EI 30, EI 45, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120

PYRANOVA® is a clear, laminated composite glass that offers outstanding levels of fire resistance thanks to a combination of thin glass panes and internal layers. In the event of a fire, these layers foam up to prevent the passage of heat radiation, smoke and flames, protecting people at evacuation routes. Widely used in office and residential buildings to provide effective thermal insulation in case of fire, PYRANOVA® is a popular choice for interior and exterior doors, an attractive and highly secure option for facades and glass partitions, and an elegant, transparent and protective material for flooring.



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