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Where transparent armour is a requisite component of your defense strategy, Emirates Glass has a solution. We aim to provide our clients with the ultimate life protection in transparent armour.


Built to be Impenetrable


Protection Against Every Conceivable Risk Of Armed Attack


Where transparent armour is a requisite component of your defense strategy, Emirates Glass has a solution. We aim to provide our clients with the ultimate life protection in transparent armour.


Emirates Glass LLC manufactures glass that withstands a wide range of weapon threats, from small hand-guns to high-powered rifles and shotguns. While it maintains the same look and transparency of normal glass, ARMOUR LITE is configured to such a thickness that makes it impenetrable in high- risk situations.


Emirates Glass’ extensive capabilities extend to a vast range of ARMOUR LITE that can be customized to meet specific requirements, no matter how complex the design. ARMOUR LITE glass is made by laminating multiple layers and interlayers of glass under heat and pressure, which binds them permanently into one unbreakable panel. In addition to producing standard safety glass, Emirates Glass manufactures high security glass by layering glass, polycarbonate sheets and PVB according to specific threat level, to create a strong unbreakable pane. ARMOUR LITE can be customized by adding tinting, reflective coating and one-way mirrors, and can also be configured to a desired curvature.

ARMOUR LITE Glass can be used in a wide variety of application including:


  1. Architectural: commercial, retail and government buildings

  2. Automotive: VIP commercial and government cars, armoured military and cash transit vehicles


Global Seal of Approval

Safety and security are at the forefront of everything Emirates Glass does. That is why it is meticulous about ensuring all glass products adhere to the most stringent of global standards and code of practice.


Emirates Glass has an impressive portfolio of certifications that allow it to compete on an international and national level. All products are designed to comply with rigorous international codes of practice for glass security and protection.


  1. DCE Certification:

Emirates Glass’ tempered and laminated safety products are tested and certified to be ‘safe’ with stamp of approval obtained from Dubai Civil Defence. This certification is based on independent assessment, process audits and product testing conducted by M/s Thomas Bell Wright on behalf of Dubai Civil Defence. All the products tested passed Drop Height Class ‘A’ which is the highest impact classification level as stipulated in the safety glazing standard ANSI Z97.1. With this certification, Emirates Glass becomes the only glass processing company in UAE to be registered with Dubai Civil Defence for their safety glazed products.


  1. CE Certification:

Emirates Glass has successfully achieved the prestigious CE Certification on all its laminated and safety glass products. This top European classification gives Emirates Glass full regulatory approval to compete in the European market, thus expanding its global reach. The CE mark and label certification, in accordance with EN14449-2, is testament to the company’s strong commitment and maintaining the highest safety and manufacturing standards at all times. This level of certification is only awarded to company who continuously apply rigorous testing, factory production control and auditing across its entire range, to ensure all products meet the certification’s quality requirements.


  1. NATO STANAG 4569 & EN1063

Certified under internationally recognized armour glass certification for ballistic protection, NATO STANAG 4569 and EN1063 for security glazing in armoured vehicles and structures falls under the U.S. National Institute of Justice Standard for Ballistic Resistant Protective materials, NIJ 0108.01. also covered by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification for its improved bullet resistant product line.



Manufactured to American ANZI Z 97.1 meets British Standards, BS 6206 adheres to Australia and New Zealand.

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