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ARMAX, the anti-reflective glass by Emirates Glass LLC, has the ability to significantly reduce the incident light reflection to just a small fraction of conventionally coated and uncoated glass.


ARMAX coated glass provides optimum levels of light transmission and low reflective property.While regular clear glass has a light reflection of approximately 8%, ARMAX reduces the overall reflection to levels as low as 1.7% thereby giving a crystal clear view through the glass at 97% Visible Light Transmission.

ARMAX is used in a laminated configuration with the coating on surfaces #1 and #4


ARMAX’s excellent low-reflective property makes it an ideal choice for applications that require maximum see-through or optical transparency of the glass. Some of the common applications include:

• Museums

• Shop-fronts

• Display cases

• Night-view from towers

• Panoramic observation decks

• Architectural facades


• Sizes

ARMAX coated glazing is available in stock sheet sizes up to 3210 x 6000mm with thicknesses ranging from 2.8mm to 16mm. (other sizes are available on request)

• Configuration & Flexibility

ARMAX stock-sheets are easily processed due to the excellent durability of the coating. Stock-sheets can be cut, tempered, laminated, bent and/or incorporated into insulated glass units in combination with EmiCool high performance low-emissivity coated products to achieve superior solar control and thermal properties while maintaining lowest reflection levels.

• Technical & Specification Support

The Sales and Technical Support teams at Emirates Glass are ready to answer questions related to the technical aspects, functions and processing of ARMAX

• Temporary Protective Film

Temporary Protective Film is applied to ensure proper handling and protection of the coated surface during handling & processing.

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